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The history of Men's bags

As far as we know, the first handbag or men's bags were found 5000 years ago. At first, men carried coin purses, as the name reveals, to bring the coins together in a bag. Women's fashion started using small purses, like handbags. For the men, there was just a tiny adjustment in trousers. Pockets were placed so they could carry coins, later paper currency in small leather wallets. In the 19th and 20th centuries, trousers and coats would have plenty of big enough pockets to carry possessions, such as pipes, matches, and knives.

Around 1970, the handbags for men were revived. Designers made a diverse range of bags for men. Names like: man bag, man-purse, and murse have been used to promote the utility of a men's bag. We all know the backpacks, but that has a sportive and casual style and is unisex. Besides the backpack, there are a lot of different types of bags. We, at, sell a lot of other brands and styles of bags for every occasion. We want to help you pick out the best men's bag.

Type of bags

  • The backpack or also know as a courier is a bag you carry on your back. It has a frameless form and is secured with two straps; some models let you secure the backpack in the front. Perfect when taking heavier things. We offer the backpack in different colors and brands like Barts, Napapijri, Levi's, and Suitable.
  • Laptop bag, usually made of genuine leather. It has a luxurious and formal look, perfect for bringing to your work. You can carry your laptop device, a tablet, and paperwork. This bag will complete your professional appearance and is ideal when wearing a complete suit or smart casual outfit. We offer this model from various brands like, Suitable and Profuomo.
  • The waist bag or fanny pack is a trendy but also convenient bag. It is a lightweight bag that you carry on your waist. Perfect when you go hiking or traveling because you carry your personal belongings near to your body. It is a small bag that has an adjustable strap with buckles. In general, it portraits a sportive and casual look. We offer this model from Napapijri.

Several brands we sell at Suitable

  • Barts is a Dutch brand that is sportive and trendy. The classic bags you will find of this brand are made of polyester, a strong, solid, and very light material. It is easy to carry, and it will complete your outfit because of its small added details. Barts offers the backpacks in primary colors like dark blue, black, and dark green with a sturdy look. It has a large compartment and a zipper for the smaller belongings. 
  • Napapijri is an Italian brand inspired by the extreme conditions in countries like Greenland, Norway, and Finland. That's why this brand offers you a backpack of the highest quality, made our of the strongest materials. They offer classic yet trendy backpacks made of polyester, which makes the backpacks lightweight. It has a large compartment, and on the front side, you will find a smaller compartment for your valuable belongings. Napapijri offers their backpack in different colors. For example, four different shades of blue, grey, and black. 
  • Levi's is known for making durable jeans, and that's also how they produce the rest of their products. The backpack is trendy and stylish and has a recognizable logo on the front or the backpack's left or right side. The bag also a double zipper in the largest compartment. The backpack is made of polyester that makes it lightweight. 
  • Profuomo is a Dutch brand and one of the most sophisticated brands of all time, and that stylish touch is processed in all of their items. The luxury leather laptop bag they offer is perfect when you wear a business outfit. Whether it is a suit or a smart-casual outfit, it is made of leather and suitable for laptops up to 17 inches. 
  • Suitable has seen different brands making men's bags, and they got inspired, so they make their own men's bags from elegant and practical to sportive and spacious. You will find a wide range of men's bags in different colors. But always solid and sophisticated.


Polyester is a strong and solid material. Cotton - polyester blends, in general, are wrinkle and tear-resistant and water and wind-resistant. It keeps your personal belongings dry and secure. It is also very lightweight and therefore perfect for carrying your personal belongings.

Leather is a natural material that is durable and flexible, made of animal skins. Because of its durability, it is used for many things like fashion, accessories, and furniture. It is water and wind-resistant, so it will keep your personal belongings safe and dry. It is more luxurious, so it is most likely to use these materials for formal events or occasions.

When, where, which bag?

We recommend the sportive backpacks for casual en non-formal occasions. The backpack offers you enough space to bring extra clothing or bigger personal belongings with you. Or when you go hiking, and you bring some food with you.

We recommend the leather men's bags for formal occasions like work or business meetings. The leather laptop bags offer you enough space to bring a laptop or tablet, some paperwork, and personal belongings like a wallet, keys, and your mobile telephone.

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