-  Tuesday, 1 September  |  JHP
Quilted Jacket Barbour Chelsea
Question 1: Because I was into it. Fri 2 and 3: the article is still insufficiently in my possession to have a really well-founded opinion about it. Suggestion: would it be possible to make the text easier to read on your website and in your messages? Black on a dark blue background is not really legible.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (18) No (50)
 -  Wednesday, 8 April  |  Ton
Barbour Wax Coat Beaufort Black
Bought the first, exactly the same coat at [site name] That says enough I would say. Wind and water resistance: no complaints. The huge hunting pocket on the back makes it very easy to visit, for example, a trade fair (brochure material) and when shopping. Zipper material second to none.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (4) No (5)
  • Excellent wind, waterproof
  • Storage pockets with zipper
  • Pricey
  • Wear after 4 years of frequent wear
 -  Wednesday, 8 April  |  Ton
Barbour Wax Coat Beaufort Black
Bought the first, exactly the same coat at [site name] That says enough I would say. Wind and water resistance: no complaints. The huge hunting pocket on the back makes it very easy to visit, for example, a trade fair (brochure material) and when shopping. Zipper material second to none.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (30) No (77)
  • Excellent wind, waterproof
  • Storage pockets with zipper
  • Pricey
  • Wear after 4 years of frequent wear
 -  Thursday, 25 January  |  Patrick
Barbour Quilted Jacket Powell Olive
Unfortunately, the delivery went a bit chaotic. The first ordered choice was no longer available. Then selected another coat, after which the first choice was sent. This one didn't fit, sent back. After two phone calls still got the right jacket.
  How annoying to hear Patrick! Our apologies! Thank you for being satisfied with how our colleagues helped you. We hope to serve you better next time!   ^Quinty from Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (8) No (3)
  • Friendly service
  • Sending packages back and forth.
 -  Monday, 16 December  |  Herman
Wellensteyn Chester Jacket
excellent quality and fit. value for your money. With post nl good delivery. Someone complained about the zipper, but this one is fine, you just need to handle it carefully.
  Dear Herman, how nice to read that you are so satisfied with your new winter coat. Let the winter come now!   ^Quinty from Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (6) No (0)
 -  Monday, 1 February  |  L.A.A.M.
Barbour Lining Beaufort Olive
The lining, body warmer, mainly bought to get the jacket a bit warmer. The effect is very disappointing. It doesn't really make the jacket warmer.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (27) No (34)
 -  Sunday, 28 April  |  Bert
Barbour Jack Sander Navy
Fine and nice jacket. Just long enough for over a jacket. For me the sleeves are just a bit short, but unfortunately I have that with more clothes.
  Thank you Bert. Have fun with your beautiful Barbour jacket.   ^Quinty from Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (1) No (0)
 -  Wednesday, 8 March  |  Gunter
Barbour Wax Jacket Corbridge Black
Fantastic service from the employees, both in the telephone customer service and in the store. I am very satisfied!
  How nice that you are so satisfied with our service! We will be happy to help you with your questions and purchases next time!   ^Quinty from Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (13) No (40)
 -  Tuesday, 19 November  |  Raymond
Wellensteyn Chester Jacket
Good warm jacket, but the zipper is not nice every now and then for 5 minutes to close it.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (11) No (24)
  • Nice and warm
  • Good quality
  • Lots of pockets and warm
  • The zipper is a bit less and the jacket cannot be closed now and then
 -  Friday, 4 January  |  D.A.B.
Wellensteyn Chester Jacket
Everything is to my liking. Delivered quickly, jacket fit me well, am satisfied!
  Good to hear that you are satisfied!   ^Quinty from Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (5) No (8)
 -  Wednesday, 23 October  |  Mr
Barbour Liddesdale Quilt Green
Purchased to replace the same one over thirteen years old. Excellent quality.
  That is a nice compliment. Hopefully we'll be back at [site name]. Have fun with your jacket.   ^Quinty from Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (4) No (1)
 -  Wednesday, 28 April  |  Hugo
NZA Pehiakura Jacket Red
Nice-fitting jacket, good quality, several handy pockets with zipper.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (0) No (1)
  • Fit
  • Quality
  • Handy pockets
 -  Monday, 2 October  |  Ebel
Barbour Bedale Wax Jacket Olive Green
Have one for 20 years and it keeps getting better! Recommended
  Wow, for 20 years! That's nice to hear! For many more years of wearing pleasure Ebel. Thanks for the review :)   ^Quinty from Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (8) No (2)
 -  Friday, 11 September  |  M
Quilted Jacket Barbour Chelsea
A great seller and great service
Was this review helpful?   Yes (5) No (11)
 -  Saturday, 27 January  |  Tom
Barbour Wax Jacket Bristol Navy
Great product and delivery.
  Thanks for the review Tom. Nice to hear that everything is to your liking!   ^Quinty from Suitable
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Buy Men's Jackets and Coats online

Every one needs a jacket from young to old. In spring, men's jackets keep us nice and dry during the fickle spring, and light summer jackets are ideal when the temperature drops in the evening. There are some models you can easily fold to bring with you. In addition to the Suitable jackets, you will also find men's jackets from the brands such as Barbour, Milestone, Napapijri, Geox, Save the Duck, Fortezza and Tenson. Men's jackets are available in various designs, colors, models (Slim-Fit and Modern-Fit), lengths, and sizes.

Men’s jackets at Suitable

At Suitable, we have jackets and coats for the fashion-conscious man. Both large and small sizes of men's jackets ranging from size S to XXXL - 4XL, there's something for every man. Also, a fashion-conscious man wears a different coat on several occasions. Fortunately, the options in our men's jackets collection are very diverse. We offer a good jacket for every season and event. For example, there are short jackets and blazers for sunny days. Besides that, you will find many different Coast, some specially made for rainy days, others to wear to a business meeting or when you want to dress elegant to assist a wedding or other formal occasion. You will find coats made in different kinds of materials, 100% wool or a blend of rich fabrics. When looking for a casual model or a daily model, it is essential to find yourself a good technical jacket for the winter season. Several brands offer rainproof and windproof jackets. At Suitable, we call them Dutch Weather Proof. Specially made for fall and winter.

Tenson Men’s jackets at Suitable

Most Tenson models are windproof, waterproof, and breathable. You can read this in the product specifications on our webshop or recognize by the letters MPC printed or stitched on the jacket. Tenson jackets have a lot of pockets, in which you can easily put all your stuff. And you can wash them yourself. If you wash them, make sure you find a specific soap made to wash skiing clothes. They will keep the jackets breathable.
Tenson is a Swedish brand, so they know how to protect you against cold and rain. They are also very known for their length. The European men are tall and have long arms, making their jackets long enough for all men. The jackets can be opened from the top and the bottom, making riding a bicycle easier without opening the full zipper. The jackets are always available in primary colors, but every season they also offer you seasonal colors. With most Tenson coats, you can remove the hoodie.

Tenson Harry Winter Jacket Gold

This model is long enough to fall over a sports jacket and is ideal on the bike. The removable hood is easily adjustable and remains in place with headwinds. The jacket is not too hot when cycling or walking, and that is quite important now that it is hardly freezing anymore. The jacket has one zippered inner pocket and six pockets on the outside. The jacket is equipped with MPC quality, making it windproof, waterproof, and yet breathable.

Tenson Harry Winter Jacket Olive

Winter jacket has a zipper and button-up fastening and a lightly tailored Modern-Fit fit, which provides you with both a well-groomed look and plenty of room to move. The jacket finished with an upright collar, a removable hood, and no less than seven jacket pockets, making the jacket particularly practical. The jacket is equipped with MPC quality, making it windproof, waterproof, yet breathable.

Tenson Olin Brown jacket

This jacket is made of 100% brushed soft polyester and filled with the so-called Air Push material from Tenson. Sporty jacket finished with an open collar hood, a zippered breast pocket, two slip pockets, and an inner pocket. The zippers are finished with a water-repellent coating, and the pockets are lined with fleece. The jacket also has lycra cuffs on the inside of the sleeve ends, keeping your hands comfortable and warm. The jacket is a straight Regular-Fit fit. It falls comfortably along your upper body, giving you plenty of room to move freely. This is a waterproof and breathable down-like filling that is extra durable and ensures that the jacket is lightweight and comfortable and water and wind-resistant.

Didrikson Men’s jackets

Didriksons, another Swedish company, is well known for making parka jackets. The difference between Didrikson compared to Tenson is that Didriksons is a bit more trendy. And their models are longer. We advise you to try your size and a size smaller. This brand cut is slightly bigger than other brands. The technical materials they use are windproof and waterproof. The parka's from Didrikson have a hoodie, but they can not be removed. This brand is mostly known for its impeccable quality of winter coats.

Reidar Parka

The comfortable jacket is made using high-quality standards. The jackets are made of 100% Polyester and have a STORM SYSTEM label, guaranteeing you protection against cold, wind, and rain. This trendy jacket is available in different colors with cool details. The jacket has nine pockets and a hoodie with a fur collar that you can remove.

Barbour wax coats and sporty jackets

This UK Brand exist from 1894, and they are specialized in making the wax-coated jacket a wind- and rainproof jacket. These specific jackets were sold to people who love the outdoors, people who'd go hunting or hiking. From the year 1972, they are suppliers for the British Royal Family. You can find more information on the inside label of the jackets. Nowadays, Barbour Wax coats are popular among the younger generations. Mostly because of their quality, and this generation watches a lot of Netflix. So they get inspired by series like The Crown or Peaky Blinders.

Barbour Bedale and Beaufort

These are the most classic and iconic models of Barbour. They are long and have a regular -fit, which means that you can easily wear a blazer underneath. These models offer an additional vest you can attach to the jacket. You can buy the vest separately in different colors. You can also add a hoodie to the models Bedale and Beaufort.

Napapijri sporty coats at Suitable

Did you know that Napapijri means an arctic circle in Finnish, and the Norwegian flag is the brand's logo? The black and white mirrored logo represents the North and South poles. It is not so strange that the brand is associated with travel and explorations and uses it as inspiration for the collections. The materials and details of the Napapijri clothing refer to unique places on earth that each of us dreams of visiting: from the snow-capped peaks in North America to the Amazon rainforests. The typical color combinations, materials, and design of the sweaters, jackets, and other clothing give Napapijri the perfect balance between fashion and comfort.

Napapijri has an extensive collection of iconic jackets. The brand's most iconic jackets are; the Rainforest and the Skidoo, with the Napapijri Anorak winter coat as a real hit in the winter coat segment. Napapijri men's coats are all 100% fur-free, combining comfort, style, and innovative technology to make comfortable and trendy jackets. Napapijri's coats have become a familiar appearance in the streets, and they make a real fashion statement. The jackets are a delicious cocoon to protect you stylishly from all-weather elements and, with the high functionality, a good reason to get your own Napapijri jacket.

Napapijri Rainforest Shade jacket Red

This model has a trendy red color and is finished with some tough details, such as a large brand logo, a hood, and a tough badge on the upper arm. This gives the jacket a fashionable touch and your outfit a robust look. The coat has an Anorak model, which means you put it over your head like a sweater. To make it easier to pull it over your head, Napapijri designed two zippers, one on the chest and one on the side. Also, the jacket can be adjusted in different places to fit your body. For example, the hood is adjustable, and you can also change how the jacket fits around the waist. The front has a jacket pocket attached, which means that the jacket also offers a lot of storage space. Napapijri Rainforest Shade jacket is made of 100% polyester. It offers you water and wind repellent properties without costing the product's environmental friendliness. The Regular-Fit cut ensures that the jacket falls comfortably around your body, and it is comfortable to wear over a sweater or cardigan.

Napapijri Allo Winter jacket Dark blue

Combine comfort with trendy wearing this Allo winter coat from Napapijri. The quilted men's coat has a stylish dark blue navy color and gets a modern look thanks to both the stylish shiny fabric and the tough design. The jacket is finished with an upright collar, a hood, and a zipper with blue edges. This winter jacket is also equipped with two zippered pockets, an inner pocket, and a Napapijri patch on the sleeve. Because the men's jacket is padded and made of 100% polyester, it offers you a lot of warmth, insulation, and high wearing comfort. The Thermo-Fibre insulation material holds the body heat well, so you stay warm at any time. The Slim-Fit fit ensures that the Allo model falls tailored along your upper body, giving you a fashionable look.

Ecoalf bodywarmers and jackets

This Spanish brand is revolutionary. This attitude reflects on their jackets and coats. Only recycled or environmentally friendly raw materials are used to produce their outerwear. Although the designs are pretty standard and wearable for a vast majority of men, the message you portrait wearing this brand is unmistakable.
Most models are sporty and perfect for protecting you from the wind and rain.

Models of the jackets Ecoalf produces

For a few years, the puffer jacket is a garment piece every man should have. Perfect for the spring and autumn and when filled with thicker materials, also suitable for winter. Ecoalf has numerous puffer jackets or packable down jackets in their collection. They are ranging from proper winter coats to light spring or autumn jackets.
windbreakers Although windbreakers tend to be light in fabric, the style is unmistakable. Ecoalf has a few sporty windbreaker style jackets in its assortments. With this, they truly cater to the more sporty man.

Geox Men's jackets and coats

Geox is known for its breathable soles and comfortable shoes. Well, take that and paste it over jackets and coats. Then you know what a Geox coat is. Comfortable, practical, and with a touch of flair. And to be fair, Geox's jackets do look rather good. All jackets have the same breathing capabilities as their renowned shoes, and most of the jackets are rain and windproof aswell—perfect jackets for the outdoor.
Geox coat types:
The types of jackets Geox produces vary per season and what is in fashion, of course. At the time of writing, puffer jackets, windbreakers, and parkas are a must-have type of coat. It is no surprise that these are available in the collection. The nice puffer jackets are perfect all year through; however, keep in mind most puffer jackets are not rainproof. Want to look sporty and fight the rain? A windbreaker might be a better choice, or if you like long coats, then a parka is perfect. Put on the hood, and you are ready to withstand almost any storm.

KnowledgeCotton Apparel men’s coats

KnowledgeCotton Apparel is another Nordic brand taking over the world with its fashionable and environmentally friendly products. This brand from Danmark uses fishing nets, PET bottles, and organic cotton to fabricate its products. ComparedCompared to some other Nordic brands, KnowledgeCotton Apparel is mainstream but trendy. A lot of men feel comfortable in a jacket or coat from this brand.

Most popular models
With every brand, the parkas are favorite. They are fashionable, warm, functional, and can withstand the elements. No matter the age, the parka model is an all-time favorite smashing through age ceilings. Besides, the parka coat, the trenchcoat or raincoat, is also favorable. With its slim look and stylish finish, it's perfect to wear over a sports jacket.

Rains Nordic men's jackets and bodywarmers

If you like minimalistic and static sights, then Rains is your brand. The less, the better could have been their motto. At Suitable, we mainly sell the stitched through jackets, bombers, and liners. Although being minimalistic, we are a big fan of this brand. The liners are perfect to wear as a thing jacket in summer or as an extra layer during winter. The Rains bodywarmer is fashionable and can be used as a waistcoat or an extra layer in spring. And lastly, the Trekker bomber jacket a bomber jacket cut with a puffer jacket design. In combination with a sweater and some gloves, the trekker bomber is warm enough to wear all year round.

Save the Duck down free jackets

When you are against animal testings and fur, then Save the duck is in your alley. Whatever they make, animal safety and low environmental impact are essential factors in the production process. Using innovative materials, they cut down their environmental impact as well as the use of animal products.

Jacket in all colors of the rainbow
The jackets of Save the Duck are available in many vibrant colors. Looking at their product is a feast for your eyes. Their packable down jackets are available in all colors of the rainbow with or without a hoody. The coat can withstand some rain, but when it pours, you rather switch to a more rainproof coat.

PME Legend men's coats

PME legend men's coats are for the individual and free spirit man. PME legend infuses their designs with aviation details. PME, a brand for men ready to rock the world and faces all challenges head-on. The eye-catching items of their collection are the leather bomber jackets. Those bomber jackets are inspired by the '30 and '40 pilots: thick but flexible leather and aviation emblems on the chest.

Padded jackets and parka styled coats

Just as the puffer jacket, padded jackets are trendy these days. PME has a few padded winter jackets in its collection. They will surely keep you warm, and depending on the finish, they are also wind and rainproof. All jackets have a sporty look and design, meaning perfect for the active man.

Superdry jackets and coats

Another great brand is Superdry, inspired by Japanese graphics mixed with vintage Americana. To be fair, this does not reflect in their jacket collection. However, coats from Superdry are thought through and follow the latest trends. Whether you look at their winter coats or their summer jackets, they all have fashionable features.

Suitable private label jackets and coats

Suitable has a comprehensive private label collection that includes the best jackets and coats in its price range. Whether you are looking for a sporty windbreaker or puffer jacket, a trench coat, or woolen overcoat. Suitable has it all.

Woolen overcoats
A woolen overcoat is a classic amongst the coats. Available in different colors and with a Windstopper to prevent the wind from coming in. The lapel of the coat is what differentiates it from its peers.
As with any brand, a parka cannot be missed within the collection. Suitable has several jackets with different features looking at wind and rainproof. Therefore, always read the product description closely to find out more about this feature.
Trench coats
An all-time best steller is the trenchcoat. Thanks to innovative fabrics, a real keeper. Lightweight, wind, and rainproof.
Padded Jackets
Padded jackets are thicker and come in various colors with different features; some are just windproof, some are wind and rainproof. One thing all padded jackets have in common is the fact they keep you warm.
Inbetweener jackets
An inbetweener jacket is a name for jackets like the lightweight puffer jacket, windbreakers, or lightweight bomber jackets. In short, anything that you can wear in spring, cooler summer days, and the beginning of autumn.

Buy your perfect coat online at suitable.

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